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Volume 2, No. 3 - August 2002

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Elections in a Vacuum
Editorial Team

The Indian government appears to have put all its Jammu and Kashmir eggs in the elections basket. The elections "solution" has even been touted by the US and other western interests. Secretary of State Powell has been harping on successful and "free and fair" elections as a beginning of a "solution to Kashmir". Indian Defense Minister George Fernandes had let the government's strategy slip out just before the May Kalachuk massacre by Pakistani terrorists.......More...

Countering the Ghauris, Ghaznavis and Abdalis: Where's the TMD Debate?
Subodh Atal, Ph. D.

The "Kashmir Issue" has several components. There is the local Kashmiri Muslim "disenchantment", the regional issues of Kashmir vs. Jammu vs. Ladakh, and the Hindu-Muslim incompatibility in the valley. Then there is the Pakistan/jehad factor. Many of these components are interconnected and overlapping, however for simplicity's sake we can consider them separately..............More...

Human Rights: Attacking Iraq--The Humanitarian Consequences
Mainstream media portrayals of the climaxing Anglo-American threat to wage war and get rid of Saddam Hussein have revealed a pitiful incapability of looking beyond the bromide of regional Arab reaction. The US Fourth Estate, which rarely discusses the legality of American foreign military moves, is focusing narrowly on how Washington's allies in the Persian Gulf might turn hostile if a massive bombing operation were carried out against Iraq...........More...

India -- A Soft State And National Will
Vinod Kumar
My friend Chanchal Chatterji wrote: "Our inability to deal with hard targets strongly has given us the soft state image and everyone takes us for a ride."........More...

The Kashmiri Pandit Struggle for Survival: A retrospective look on where we are and what needs to be done
Rajender Razdan
Twelve years ago, we were awakened to blood-chilling cries from mosques across Kashmir Valley telling us “Kashmir main rehna hai to Allah-u-Akbar kehna hai” and “Yahan kya chalega, Nizam - e – Mustafa. To make sure the message from these slogans sank in this was followed by a spate of gruesome murders of hundreds of Kashmiri Pandits......More...

Profile of Terrorists and Terrorist Outfits Operating from Pakistan
Though these pages, Kashmir Herald will present profiles of various terrorist organizations and terrorists that are creating havoc in India. In this edition, In this edition, we profile Mushtaq Zargar, one of the terrorists freed in December 1999 in exchange of Indian Airlines passengers who were taken as hostages by Islamic Terrorists an airline hijacking case.

Click here to view profiles presented in this edition......

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