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Volume 2, No. 7 - December 2002

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The Commercial Plane Threat: A Symptom Of A Larger Malady
Editorial Team
The failed November 29th missile attack on an Israeli commercial jet carrying over 260 people in Kenya exposes a grave international threat that has been pushed under the carpet despite last year's September 11 attacks. No amount of baggage checking, passenger profiling, or locking of cockpit doors will save planes from a well planned attack using inexpensive, highly portable, heat-seeking missiles near the airport "perimeter". There is some talk about securing the airport perimeter. However, the missiles can be used from a range much farther out than the kilometer or two radius that any airport could reasonably secure. The threat is in fact not new at all, and as often happens, is only out in the open because of a tragedy that almost happened... More...

NCRWC Failed On Article 370

What is the time-span of the word “temporary”? Is it one week, one month, one year or one decade? Judging by the indifference of National Commission to Review the Working of the Constitution (NCRWC) towards “Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions” contained in Part XXI of our Constitution, even half a century would seem to justify the label of “temporary”. Consequently, NCRWC’s recommendations to the government early last month didn’t contain anything that would disturb the status of Article 370 which --- applicable to exclusively to Jammu and Kashmir State --- has remained a “Temporary” provision right from our Constitution became fully effective from 26th January 1950...... More...

Wahi: The Supernatural Basis of Islam
Part III  - Mohammed's reaction to the Quranic trance
Dr. Koenraad ELST
The first person to doubt the genuineness of the Quranic “revelations” was Mohammed himself. This was at the very beginning of his career, when during his Ramadhaan retreat outside Mecca in AD 610, he had an audio-visual experience in which he both heard and saw the archangel Gabriel, calling upon him to “Recite!” (Qarâ’, whence Qur’ân). Upon receiving his first “revelation”, Mohammed thought he was going mad, or in the parlance of those days, that he was getting possessed by an evil spirit.......More...

The Real Agenda
Dr. Subodh Atal
Despite a lot of bluster and deployment of troops near the border, India has not fired a single warning shot. Terrorists camps continue to flourish in Pakistan, which has become Al Qaeda's new command center, with US again turning a blind eye as it did in the years leading up to September 11, 2001........More...

Climate of hate in Gujarat - cause or effect?
Vinod Kumar
Hate does no body good. If hate does prevail in Gujarat today, it is indeed a serious social malady. This malady becomes even more serious since Gujarat is just one limb of the body called India. If proper measures are not taken it is quite likely that it might spread to other parts of the nation too.......More...

Terrorism: What’s in a Name?
Sreeram Chaulia
What’s in a name? Why not call terrorism something else and perhaps it might still convey the stench of the worst imaginable cruelty humankind has ever known? No. Here Shakespeare is not applicable. Here, the name game attains far greater importance than in besotted Romeo’s speeches. Let us consider the politics with names played in General Musharraf’s land for proof......More...

The Secular Common Ground
Sarbajit Banerjee
Indeed the total intellectual and ideological bankruptcy of the strident leftist voices for secularism is as shocking as their complete dominance of the secular fabric of Indian polity. Is the Messenger more important than the Message? Indeed yes if the messenger has an agenda very different from the message. There is no doubt that the secular fabric of the country is under threat and that this poses a real threat to our existence as a nation and as a nation amongst others that values and guarantees the rights of the individual...More...



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