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Volume 2, No. 12 - May 2003

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Surrender to Jehad
Subodh Atal, Ph. D.

The recent Srinagar climbdown by Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee is one of the most ignonimous defeats for kafirs (infidels) around the world at the hands of the Islamic ummah. While Pakistan continues to send murderers and barbarians to kill Indians every day in Jammu and Kashmir, Vajpayee has suddenly turned Indian policy on its head, contradicted his own senior ministers, and ignored the advice of his intelligence agencies which don't see any letup in Pakistani terror in the foreseeable future.

What was the hurry to go running to Islamabad for a lovefest when Pakistan has repeatedly not shown any inclination to end its world's leading sponsorship of terror? Vajpayee had been stabbed in the back in Lahore by Musharraf himself, and the General had come to city of the Taj, which Vajpayee thought would cast a romantic spell on the Pakistani leader, and simply thrown dust into India's eyes. Musharraf followed this up by less than a year after 9-11, giving a false promise of ending terrorist infiltration, leashing the jehadis only for a few weeks, and then letting them loose once again.

Nothing had changed in April 2003, NOTHING - Vajpayee had to deliberately ignore the massacre of two dozen Hindus while offering a hand of friendship to their murderers. An Indian climb-down at this time (over and above the troop withdrawals last year) gave only one message to Pakistan - that India is weak, and ready to surrender. It is only a matter of time. Perhaps Advani, Fernandes or some other alert minister needs to be at his side at all times. Otherwise, in Vajpayee's next speech, he may announce the ultimate surrender to jehad - the giving up of Kashmir to Pakistan. He thinks he will get peace then. But, with age, he has forgotten India's history. Every surrender and defeat to Islam was only the beginning of the next phase of jehad.

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