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Volume 2, No. 9 - February 2003

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Terrorism and US Global Strategy
Editorial Team
As the sole superpower, the United States is in the unique position to choose a foreign policy that best supports its interests. After September 11, 2001, defending itself against terrorism is clearly one of the most significant items in US national interests. Once the immediate peril in Afghanistan had been neutralized by spring 2002, choosing a grand strategy became imperative in determining the course that would best mitigate risks of major terrorist strikes against the United States.

Wahi: The Supernatural Basis of Islam
Part V  -
Dr. Somersí diagnosis of Mohammed
Dr. Koenraad ELST

Ever since Mohammedís first preachings, people have tried to pinpoint the psychic ailment accounting for his prophetic self-delusion. Thus, some Christian polemicists described him as an epileptic, citing episodes in which he foamed at the mouth and rolled on the floor. This was a meritorious guess, but its explanatory power was limited because the neurological disorder of epilepsy need not be accompanied by hallucinations and an enduring self-delusion.....

The Dangers of External Mediation - Misreading Local Code Words
Dr. Subodh Atal, Ph. D.
He talked about independence for Kashmir. I asked him what kind of independence would it be - independence for turning Kashmir into a new Pakistan or Afghanistan? Where Hindus and other minorities would be permanently exiled? Where the Sharia would become the law of the land and anyone questioning it would be hounded out?....More...

Kashmir Question
K.N. Pandita

With Nehru a known socialist, Anglo-American lobby cultivated Pakistan as a dependable bulwark against communism in South Asia. British policy planners working through their lobbies wanted independent Jammu & Kashmir to remain within the sphere of their influence. It was part of the policy of containment of communism.....More...

War as Peace: A Dangerous Concept Analysis of President George W Bush's State of the Union Address
Horace Campbell  and Sreeram Chaulia
In his State of the Union address delivered before the joint houses of Congress in Washington D.C, President George Bush drove home that he was going to war in order to achieve peace. Outlining why it was necessary for the US government to launch a war against the state and people of Iraq, he noted, "We seek peace. We strive for peace. And sometimes peace must be defended......".....More...

Jihad in India
Vinod Kumar
Ever since the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon by Islamic inspired Al-Qaeda "What is Jihad"  has become one of the hotly discussed topics. Even in India, where Jihad has been going on for centuries it has generated new interest. The call for Jihad in Kashmir is not a new phenomenon......More...

Kashmir Issue: The Pandit Dimension
K.N. Pandita

Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed Sahib has been speaking about the internally displaced Pandits in private and in public. In comparison to the policy and approach of the previous government, it seems he is concerned about the issue. This is a healthy sign, and it is the duty of the internally displaced Pandits to put their case before him in right perspective. Now as the Chief Minister, he has many opportunities of interacting with the Pandit leadership and also with some of his Pandit friends and acquaintances individually.....More...

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