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Volume 3, No. 9 - February 2004

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Nuclear Proliferation By Pakistan
Editorial Team
With recent media reports, the epicenter of the dangerous game of nuclear proliferation has been exposed and all the evidence points to Pakistan. Pakistani nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan has been exposed as the kingpin of the nuclear black market that he has been operating for so many years. Khan, his friends and mentors have made millions by selling the nuclear technologies to other rogue nations like Iran, Libya and North Korea for years. In the process of making millions, they have also made this world a more dangerous place...More...

Armed, Dangerous and Unaccountable
K.P.S. Gill
President, Institute for Conflict Management

The very suspicion of the presence of 'weapons of mass destruction' in Iraq plunged America into a premature war and increasingly ruinous engagement in Iraq; yet, incontrovertible evidence of proliferation by Pakistan only attracts an indulgent 'let bygones be bygones', and a reaffirmation of 'faith' in General Pervez Musharraf's 'leadership'. Has the American intelligence and South Asia policy community been 'embedded' in Pakistan for far too long to have retained a sufficient measure of objectivity? And could the succession of unwarranted indulgences towards Pakistan compromise stability in South Asia as well as America's own future security?....More...

The US Policy Mystery in the Indian Subcontinent: Some Answers?
Dr. Subodh Atal
After September 11, US policy in South Asia has been truly mysterious. Pakistan has been held up as a crucial ally, and all its sins forgiven or pushed under the carpet. While Saddam was hunted out from his rat hole on the basis of apparently exaggerated and false charges, Pakistan which was guilty of the real sins of hosting Al Qaeda and proliferating nukes, continues to receive billions in aid and its nefarious activities fail to find mention in official US statements. Many questions remain, even though they should have been on the top of the list for anyone interested in bringing the war on terror to a successful point....More...

They have a "Deal"
Lalit Koul

Bush wants to stay in the White House for second term; Bush wants Osama and Mullah Omar to help his domestic polls; Musharraf wants to keep his fundamentalist Islamists happy and at bay; Musharraf wants to continue to rule Pakistan; Musharraf wants a pass on this big nuclear proliferation deal; Musharraf wants another set of billions of US dollars for his services and Abdul Qadeer Khan wants to live, enjoy his millions and have no jail time. So, what can they do to have their cake and eat it too?....More....

Hurriyat will talk to the Pandits
K.N. Pandita
In ideological term there is no meeting ground between the Hurriyat and the Pandits. The Hurriyat wants freedom from India and the Pandits want freedom from Hurriyat. If the Indians are oppressive to the Hurriyat, the Hurriyat, in action reaction syndrome, has to be more oppressive to the Pandits. If Advani is prepared to give the Hurriyat their desired freedom, then of course the Pandits have already taken their decision and left the valley. It is that simple. And if Advani is not prepared to give freedom to the Hurriyat, then it is he, a nationalist, who must decide what he wants to do with the Pandits. The ball is in his court and not in the court of the Hurriyat or the Pandits. As far as the demand of the Pandits of a separate homeland in Kashmir is concerned, Advani has declared on the floor of the Parliament that the NDA government opposes it tooth and nail.....More...

Haze Shrouds the Hizb-ul-Mujaheddin
Praveen Swami

"DON'T SHOOT," Ghulam Rasool Dar had shouted out to photographers on August 3, 2000, "my life is in danger." Its unlikely the Hizb-ul-Mujaheddin's overall commander of operations in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) had time to make the same plea to the Indian troops who surrounded his hideout on January 16, 2004 - but his prediction turned out to be prophetic.... More...

The Nuclear Jihad
B. Raman

Pakistan is not the original birth place of the Islamic fundamentalist and jihadi orgs. Islamic fundamentalism and jihadi terrorism were born elsewhere in the Ummah and thereafter spread to Pakistan after the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran....More...

Is there a 'Plan B'?
K.P.S. Gill
President, Institute for Conflict Management

The present situation in Pakistan presents an urgent challenge, not only for nations within the South Asian region, but for the entire international community and the leaders of the global war against terrorism. These challenges have been underlined by a continuous succession of disturbing disclosures since 9/11, and by the near complete uncertainty of prospects for the future. Over the past months, the question has been frequently asked by a number of senior government officials and responsible diplomats from several countries: what is to be done with Pakistan? A fundamental transformation is inevitable over the coming years, but is it being facilitated by the near exclusive reliance on the questionable commitment and survival of the country's current dictator, General Pervez Musharraf?....More...

Why did Aurangzeb destroy Hindu temples?
Vinod Kumar
In the contemporary history there is no evidence that Hindu temples were demolished because of the rebellion by the Hindus. And secondly if the places of worship were destroyed solely due to rebellion, many Muslims including Aurangzeb's own brothers and sons also rose in rebellion against him, how many mosques did he destroy to seek revenge or put down rebellion? Why were the orders issued to destroy the temples and schools of the Hindus?....More...

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