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Volume 4, No. 6 - December 2004 - January 2005

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Dangerous Pass
Editorial Board

US President George Bush's latest endorsement of Pakistani government is outrageous at best. This endorsement by US government of a rogue nation like Pakistan exposes the double-standards set by US in fighting the global war on terror. President Bush is setting a dangerous precedent by endorsing the tactics of Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf.....more...

Survival of the Luckiest

For the religious-minded who survived, the terror tsunami that stormed Southeast and South Asia on December 26th is partial apocalypse. They are groping about for answers as to why their dear ones and fellow humans along coastlines were taken by water avalanches up to 30 feet high while they themselves were spared. “Why are we living when so many have been washed away in littoral fury?” What is the rationale of distinction in the rage of the ocean? Is there an unfulfilled purpose for which some were kept alive? Perhaps to grieve and mourn the colossal calamity and to help rebuild from the ruins....more...

2004: Qualified Gains against Terror
The sum of insurgent and terrorist violence in South Asia - measured in terms of fatalities - remained roughly constant across the years 2003 and 2004, though the secular decline that has been witnessed over the past three years was nominally maintained. According to available data, 6,584 persons lost their lives to terrorism and insurgency in 2004, as against 6,577 in 2003.....more...

Re-engineering Balochistan
The stage for escalated, and possibly extraordinary, violence has been set in Balochistan. Addressing the media at Turbat in the province on December 16, 2004, President Pervez Musharraf declared that his Government would crush all anti-Pakistan movements: "We are gathering information through intelligence and other sources that who is doing what in the area and I warn them because when the Government starts action against them, they will be crushed."....more...

Summertime? Reflections on the Peace Process in J&K
Audiences schooled in Hindi film, if asked to watch current events in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), would have little doubt where the script was headed: the final scenes of tearful reconciliation, followed by an orgy of ecstatic dancing, could safely be predicted to be just a few minutes away.....more...

The Seriousness of Hypocrisy
The oft-repeated cliché of “return and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits with dignity and honour” suits all shades of political opinion. The credulous Pandits are gleeful that the political class does care for their dignity and honour. Very often an odd man here or there poses a cross question only to be shouted down and silenced invariably by his own community members......more...

Secularism Zindabad!!!!

Secularism Zindabad!!! Secularism Zindabad!!! Secularism Zindabad!!!
Wonder, why this sloganeering? Well, why not? We are after all the proud citizens of our great country and we should once in a while remind ourselves that our country was founded on the basic principles of secularism....more...

Has India Given Up Kashmir?

I am a displaced Kashmiri Pandit. I am in great anguish. My agony is not only due to my inability to continue being part of the dust of my roots but also because of sadly suspecting my beloved Kashmir may be ultimately heading for dismemberment from this country. People might find my fears cynical but I have seen the sharp erosion of Indian nationalism in Kashmir like no body else can ever hope to see it....more...

The Blackest Incident in the History of the Country

Maulana Qureshi, who is also Secretary of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board, is reported to have said that the demolition of the structure at Ayodhya "is the blackest incident in the history of the country" and that "it will not be forgotten till justice is done and the rule of law is established". In response, A Surya Prakash in his article "Wounds on the Hindu Psyche" (Daily Pioneer, December 6, 2004) has given incidents that are far more horrendous than the demolition of Babri structure.....more...

Reduction in Troop Deployment in J&K

With the concurrence of the Cabinet Committee for Security and the Union cabinet, the Prime Minister announced that the number of troops deployed in J&K would be reduced. The reason given is “steady improvement in the ground situation in the state”.....more...

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