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Volume 3, No. 2 - July 2003

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Rosemary's Baby: The Conception
Editorial Team
The fascination of President Bush with Pakistan's dictator and master terrorist Pervez Musharraf, and its likely consequences, are reminiscent of a previous era in which the US worked closely with ISI, helping it hone its skills in sponsorship of terror. Sleeping with the devil in the eighties in an attempt to oust the Soviets from Afghanistan had unintended consequences: the conception of Bin Laden's Al Qaeda and its Taliban hosts, culminating in 9-11......More...
Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism (FACT) is organizing the world's first exhibition on Hindu Holocaust with special emphasis on Kashmiri Hindu Holocaust, at New Delhi from July 18th 2003.

We request our readers to donate generously to make this exhibition successful.

For details on how to donate, please contact us by clicking here...

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François Gautier

The State as Suicide Bomber
Ajai Sahni
Pakistan remains, today, the primary "platform for terror", in Ambassador Nancy Powell's words, and neutralizing this platform is among the primary challenges of the global war against terrorism. In dealing with General Musharraf, it will be useful for his interlocutors to keep in mind - no doubt among other and more expedient matters - that they are dealing with the man who currently presides over the world's largest network of terrorists, and over a state that has, for over two decades, used terrorism as an integral instrument of state policy - and still continues to do so from day to day.....More...

Flowerless Insein: Indian Realism Will Backfire
Sreeram Chaulia

Britain has just conveyed news that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the hope of Burma and the most famous wearer of jasmine flowers in the world, has been interred in the dreaded Insein prison after a violent clampdown launched on pro-democracy activists by state-sponsored militias in May. Insein is Burma’s Lubyanka, a ‘Special Jail’ outside Rangoon where political prisoners are systematically tortured and broken down by the military junta, the dead house where hundreds of NLD workers have perished from starvation, disease and abuse for the last 12 years.......

Kashmir Terrorism-The National Response
Dr. M.K. Teng
The militant violence in Jammu and Kashmir, it must be admitted frankly and without any hesitation, is fundamentally communal in character and secessionist in its objective. The Muslim secessionist movements led by All Jammu and Kashmir Plebiscite Front, the Awami Action Committee and the militant youth organisation including the Youth League, were mainly aimed to disengage the state from India and unite it with Pakistan and to ensure the Islamisation of the State.....More...

Kashmir—The tumbled crown of Indian Secularism
Dr. Ajay Chrangoo
The eruption of the fundamentalist separatist insurgency has exploded many myths in relation to Kashmir. For nearly five decades Kashmiris were described as ‘unique’ people, who rejected the two-nation theory of Jinnah. The ethnic-cleansing of Kashmiri Hindus from the only Muslim-majority province of India has debunked the claim that Kashmir was the crown of Indian secularism, or a secular oasis in the communally torn subcontinent. Indian political leadership, failed in formulating the nation’s stakes in Kashmir.....More...

J&K: Fidayeen Strike at Sunjwan
Praveen Swami

General Pervez Musharraf watched stone-faced as United States President George Bush announced a meagre US$ 3 billion aid package for Pakistan, and shot down that country's demands for new F-16 combat jets. It opened him up to a barrage of criticism from his domestic critics, Islamist and democratic, who charged that he had given away too much to the United States and received little or nothing in return. Four days after the Bush-Musharraf press conference at Camp David, two fidayeen terrorists cut the fence protecting the perimeter of the 36 Infantry Brigade's camp in Sunjwan, on the outskirts of Jammu. The terrorists made their way to a barracks, and shot dead a dozen soldiers, most in their sleep.....More...


Where is our threshold?

Lalit Koul
Look deep into your own conscience and see where your own threshold is. At what point would you say “Enough is enough”? How long would you be ready to fake it and take it the way our politicians and so-called leaders give it to us? How long? Have you ever thought about it?........More...


The mire of Pakistan’s Strategic Depth
K.N. Pandita
In 1980s and 90s, the rise of fundamentalist ideology in Iran and Afghanistan coinciding with the implosion of the erstwhile Soviet Union threw up a new strategic prospect for Pakistan. As a matter of fact, the new opportunity was seized tenaciously by Pakistan’s democratic regime led by Benazir Bhutto. Perhaps she had inherited the ambition from her late father who was executed before he could translate the vision into reality.....More...


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