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Volume 1, No. 2 - July 2001

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Why Not Option Four?
A Comparative Study of various Peace Frameworks for Jammu and Kashmir from the Kashmiri Pandit perspective.

The Kashmir "experts" all over the world (which include almost all Indians and Pakistanis, if not the entire population of the world) have been quite in a frenzy since the KSG proposals came to light some two years back

Summit at the Crossroads
Subodh Atal, Ph. D.
June 19, 2001

India-Pakistan relations are littered with starts and failures in the past half-century. While Pakistan may accuse India of being insincere, historical evidence points the finger in the reverse direction. 

Religious Freedom, Hinduism and India
Vijay Kapoor

(Excerpts from submission to US Commission on International Religious Freedoms, September 2000)

Violence and hate are generated when one group claims to be on the side of God and points fingers at everyone else as godless sinners. The word 'tolerance' is too often merely camouflage. 


Saint Nund Rishi
Pt. Dina Nath Nadim


The Hole Place of Hari Parbat
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