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Volume 3, No. 1 - June 2003

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Roadmaps by any other name
Editorial Team

The single biggest dividend of the Iraq war is claimed to be the roadmap being laid out for the Israelis and Palestinians. Roadmaps are suddenly in vogue, with one being rumored for another flashpoint - Kashmir. The question is how are these roadmaps any different from the numerous attempts at resolving these two seemingly intractable issues.......More...

The New Peace Plan
Dr. Subodh Atal
Given the current realities, the best outcome may indeed consist of Advani taking over the party and the government after the elections, assuming BJP comes back to power at the center, and seeing Vajpayee off to a comfortable retirement where he can spend more time on what he seems to be best at: writing poetry.........More...

PAKISTAN: A Political Deadlock
B. Raman

A little more than two weeks before his scheduled departure for the USA for high-profile talks with President Bush at Camp David, Pakistan's President Gen. Pervez Musharraf finds himself confronted with an embarrassing political deadlock, which does not bode well for his self-projected image as the designer of democracy in Pakistani colours.....More...

J&K: Operation Sarp Vinash - The Army Strikes Hard
Praveen Swami
Most afternoons, there is plenty of work at the Foreigners' Graveyard in Surankote, digging graves for the bodies of terrorists killed in the mountains. The small green field behind the Surankote police station used to be the size of a suburban bungalow lawn. It now sprawls over an area of an outsize football field, and threatens to overrun adjoining farms.....More...

Did Babar love India?
Vinod Kumar
He did not like the heat of India, he found its  towns and country "greatly wanting in charm",  "its people have no good looks, no manners, no genius, in work no symmetry or quality, no good  horses, no good dogs, no grapes, no musk melons or no first rate fruits, no  good bread".  Two things Babur liked very much: Hindustan as stated by him  has "masses of gold and silver" and yields immense revenue......More...

Return of Internally displaced Persons
K.N. Pandita
The Government of India has stubbornly refused to recognize the three hundred thousand Kashmiri Pandits as ‘Internally Displaced Persons’ (IDPs). National Human Rights commission, to which the displaced Pandits had approached for advising the State Government to replace their nomenclature of “migrants” to IDPs, rejected the plea because the Government of India did not want it.......More...

Déjà vu: Armitage Comes Calling
Ajai Sahni
In a recent speech at the Foreign Policy Association covering the imperatives of the global war against terrorism, US Secretary of State Colin Powell noted: "The issues are too important and the stakes are too high to posture for effect." ....More...

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