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Volume 2, No. 10 - March 2003

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US South Asia Policy - An Inside Look
Editorial Team
Another comment by Ambassador Platt revealed the bankruptcy of US policy in South Asia. He proudly proclaimed that "the United States was right in the middle between India and Pakistan, which is where it should be". Perhaps he missed the irony that the world's champion of democracy was equating the world's largest democracy with the world's worst terrorist sponsor and nuclear proliferator.....More...

New Cato Institute Policy Analysis on the Pakistani Threat Released
Editorial Team
As the nation prepares for another war, this time on Iraq, the Cato Institute has released a policy analysis authored by Subodh Atal. The study discusses concerns about the role Pakistan has played, and continues to play, in international terrorism and nuclear proliferation. Furthermore, it compares the threat from Iraq to that of Pakistan, and finds the threat from the latter to be more immediate and alarming.....More...

Kashmiri Pandits: Groping in a Lightless Tunnel 
Sreeram Chaulia
Even as some of the poorest and most backward parts of Asia, Africa and South America are realising the devastating impact of war on unarmed innocents sandwiched inside borders, implementing legislation and inviting international aid to succour the internally displaced, India, host to more than 350,000 Kashmiri Hindu IDPs, has callously avoided a policy that can lead to durable solution of the violent tragedy afflicting a religious minority hailing from Muslim-majority Kashmir.....More...

Rewriting  History and Mahmud Ghaznavi
Vinod Kumar
Ever since the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) headed coalition came to power in Delhi, "rewriting of history" has been a contentious issue. For over four decades, Marxist historians have dominated writing of history books. They now assert the BJP is rewriting history. They accuse the BJP (and the Sangh parivar) of  transforming  "popular understandings of Indian history by changing the content and manner of history teaching at the level of schools and colleges so as to accord with its own Hindutva version of that history"......More...

Wahi: The Supernatural Basis of Islam
Part VI  -
Dr. Somersí diagnosis of Mohammedís mental condition (2)
Dr. Koenraad ELST

Of all the founders of religions, none has left a more detailed biography than the Prophet of Islam. So, what useful information about Mohammedís psyche can be distilled from the core texts of Islam in order to give more body to our suspicion of a paranoid condition?....More...

Footprints of Terror
Ajai Sahni

On March 1, 2003, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, one of the prime planners of the 9/11 attacks on the US, was arrested in Rawalpindi. The US authorities had been pursuing him at least since his 1995 involvement in the abortive 'Operation Bojinka' conspiracy to simultaneously blow up 12 American civilian airliners over the Pacific, in which he collaborated with his relative, Ramzi Yousef, who is currently serving a life sentence in America for the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre.........More...

APHC: The Nexus with Terror
Praveen Swami

It has been evident, for years, that the jihad in Jammu and Kashmir is an instrument of Pakistan's state policy. Just how well structured the links between the institutions of the Pakistani state and terrorism in India are, however, is only just beginning to become clear.....More...

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