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Volume 3, No. 10 - March-April 2004

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Real Axis of Evil
Editorial Team

he recent designation of Pakistan as US's major non-NATO ally is another example of US State department's shortsighted foreign policy. It is shocking that US policy makers have not learnt a single lesson even from such a grave tragedy as 9/11. In spite of losing 3000 lives on 9/11/2001, American foreign policy makers are busy pampering the very same people who were the masterminds of 9/11. The current State department has mortgaged its foreign policy to Pakistani military regime.....more...

J&K: Shifting Strategy of Subversion
K. P. S. Gill
There are dramatic signs of shifting strategies in the covert war in Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), as Pakistan reorients its position to take advantage of the rising sentiment in favour of peace, even as it seeks to sustain terrorism on Indian soil......more...

Empty Chairs, George Orwell, George W. Bush and the War on Terror
Subodh Atal
Addressing a press conference where no reporters are present isn't the most significant sign of the Orwellian nature of today's US policies. But it is certainly symbolic of the dangerous level of obfuscation, self-delusion and lying that the administration resorts to in continuing the charade that it is carrying out a real "war on terror". .......more...

Cricket Diplomacy and Ceasefires
Lalit Koul
Vajpayee's unilateral declaration of truce with Pakistan is pre-mature and unfortunate. Unilateral truces never work and we have ample history to prove that. On one hand, Vajpayee keeps giving in and on another hand Musharraf keeps raising the ante about Kashmir......more...

J&K: Elections, Again
Praveen Swami
Campaign 2004 has already claimed its first life. Pakistan, of course, has good reason to allow - or even encourage - terrorists to proceed with their anti-election coercion. What Pakistan chooses to do, of course, depends on just how much pressure the international community is actually able to bring to bear on it. It is at least possible that the recent institutional encouragement offered to Pakistan by the United States of America could translate into a more aggressive posture on J&K.....more...

The Enemy Within
Kanchan Lakshman
President Pervez Musharraf's call for an 'enlightened moderation' in Pakistan is, if events in the past few months are any indication, threatened by the very forces that have long been nurtured by successive regimes in the country. Recurrent Islamist violence, it appears, will remain a significant element in the churning process within Pakistan in the proximate future.....more...

B. Raman
Gen.Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan's US-blessed military dictator, continues to assert, without any fears of contradiction or punitive action by the US, that the action of a group of scientists of Pakistan headed by A.Q.Khan in clandestinely selling or transfering military nuclear technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea was a rogue operation without the knowledge or approval of the political or military leadership of the country.......more...

Muslim Rule, Hindu Diaspora and India?
Vinod Kumar

Muslims today form a large percentage of India's population -- even a larger percentage if one was talking of British India -- but no one, including the Muslims, will claim that Islam is indigenous to India. A large presence of Islam in India does not make it of Indian origin. The same is true of the Muslims. Before the Muslims came to India from foreign countries, there were hardly any local converts to Islam........more...

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