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Volume 1, No. 10 - March 2002

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Kashmir Herald and its staff expresses its deepest sympathies to the family of our fellow journalist Late Daniel Pearl, who laid down his precious life in pursuit of ultimate truth. We promise Daniel Pearl that we will continue to pursue his unfinished agenda of exposing the network of global terrorism. That would be our tribute to his departed soul.

Remembering Daniel Pearl
Editorial Team

Somewhere in late January or early February, the world lost a brave soul, leaving behind not only a loving family including an expectant widow, but a vast community of journalists and media personnel who work across the globe. Newsmen and women are just trying to report news as they see it, or hear it. Without them, the world would not be able to read its newspapers, listen to radio news or watch TV evening news. It would be an empty world, a deprived world......More...

Kashmir Herald and its staff expresses its outrage at the dastardly massacre of Hindus at the hands of Islamic terrorists in Gujarat, India on February 27th, 2002. It condemns the cowardly and barbaric act of terrorists who have time and again shown no respect for human lives, not even for small children. It demands from Government of India to take quick and just action to bring all the terrorist elements to justice. Our sympathies to families of all those whose lives were suddenly shortened by these terrible violent acts of terrorism.

Counter-Insurgency in Kashmir: Bolstering VDCs
Sreeram Sundar Chaulia

The season for probing solutions to the ‘nuclear flashpoint’ of Kashmir has taken off in a big way in western think tanks and media outlets. Not a day passes without one group and association or the other unfurling its own plans of conflict de-escalation, peace and harmony. A common denominator among the more sensible of these ‘Track II’ efforts is conviction that the insurgent gun.....More....

Fellow Kashmiri Hindus: It has to be you and me
Lalit Koul


It was just after two in the afternoon on 28th of September 1989. I was at my work in Rajbagh, Srinagar. Everything seemed normal. People seemed to be busy earning their livelihood. But then came that call. Shabir Shah was arrested near Ramban on Jammu-Kashmir national highway. Next thing we saw was.......More...

Terrorism Update
By Subodh Atal
Kashmir Herald Staff Writer

The Unnamed Center of the Axis of Evil 

After Pakistan dictator Gen. Musharraf’s January 12 speech, there wasn’t a tremendous amount of excitement in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). One would believe that after suffering through tens of thousands of deaths at the hands of Pakistani terrorists and their proxies, residents of the state would have been overjoyed to hear that speech. But they weren’t. ........More....


Profile of Terrorists and Terrorist Outfits Operating from Pakistan
Though these pages, Kashmir Herald will present profiles of various terrorist organizations and terrorists that are based in Pakistan and are creating havoc in Kashmir. In this edition, we profile Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) - the first terrorist organization that started terrorist violent attacks in Jammu and Kashmir. We also present the profile of Sheikh Omar Syed, the most wanted terrorist operating from Pakistan.

Click here to view profiles presented in this edition......

The Hapless Spectators
Kashmiri Pundits Vis-à-vis the Coming Assembly Elections

Romeet Kaul Watt

Kashmiri Pundits (KP's), fundamental components of the glorious heritage and legacy of Kashmir find themselves at crossroads in their 12th year of exile; more than 8000 families still languish in refugee camps without appropriate facilities for sanitation, medical care and education - a state that can be aptly described as 'pitiable.' In the past one-decade, more than 1000 KP's have perished due to snakebites, and sunstrokes.......More.....

Kashmir Herald is unique in analyzing the news and events in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, and has gained international recognition within the eight months of its existence. It deals with terrorism and ethnic cleansing from a broad international perspective that has become immensely relevant to policy makers after September 11. Building upon its successful launch as an online magazine, a print version is now available. Readers who would like to receive the print version should contact Kashmir Herald Staff at:

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