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Volume 3, No. 11 - May 2004

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Blind Old Men of Hindustan
Editorial Team
The strategic world has received a big shock from the recent utterances and writings of India’s ‘super hawk’ realist scholar and practitioner, Bharat Karnad. Karnad, who was involved in putting together India’s Draft Nuclear Doctrine, had been advocating India as a potent nuclear weapon state for decades before the 1999 Pokhran II tests.....more...

Sheen - a refugee in my own country
------ Goes to United Nations @ Geneva

"Sheen" releases on May 7th, 2004.
Click here to go to the official website of the movie

Kashmir Herald congratulates ASHOK PANDIT on his great efforts to bring the pain of Kashmiri Hindus in front of the whole world.
Thank You, Mr. Ashok Pandit.


A Failure of Democracy - In America

Dr. Subodh Atal
57% of the American public still believes the Saddam-Al Qaeda yarn, and very likely a miniscule minority know anything about the extent of Al Qaeda penetration of the Pakistani military, intelligence, nuclear and political establishments......more...


Hybrids and Hypocrites
Arvind Lavakare
The Hurriyat has shown its true colours --- yet again. Its call to the people of Jammu and Kashmir to boycott the coming Lok Sabha polls because 'the election process is no solution to the Kashmir problem' is one in a long series of deeds which reveal its disdain for democracy and all else that India stands for......more...


Revisiting India’s North-Western Frontier Policy
K.N. Pandita
Implications of partition of India in a manner that allowed Pakistan the control of northern and north-western Kashmir were not seriously taken into account. Historical record dealing with Nehru’s handling of partition and later on the Kashmir issue gives only a faint indication of his concern on this count. He had other serious and crucial matters to attend. In the process he could not concentrate on Indian dominion’s new northwestern frontier.......more...


Riding the Jehadi Tiger
Praveen Swami
Terror, like chickens, comes home to roost. Arrests made earlier this month near Baghdad have blown the lid off links between the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Islamist groups fighting the United States military in Iraq: evidence that ought to cause at least some embarrassment to USA's South Asia establishment, currently in the throes of a grand détente with Pakistan.....more...


The Politics of a Retreat
Kanchan Lakshman
Ever since President Musharraf announced a turn-around on his country's support to the Taliban and Al Qaeda on September 19, 2001, Pakistan has been treading a thin line between placating the domestic Islamist extremist constituency and maintaining the alliance with the United States......more...


Was Dara Shukoh an apostate?
Vinod Kumar
Before his decapitation, such was the hatred of Aurangzeb towards his brother that after his capture, Dara Shukoh and his son were paraded through the streets of Delhi dressed in tattered clothes and seated on a miserable-looking female elephant. Dara Shukoh was executed not only on the charge of heresy and infidelity, but also for the crime of calling Hinduism and Islam 'twin brothers'.......more...


Who is sincere in peace talks?
K. N. Pandita
Contrary to all expectations, interface between India and Pakistan at the 60th session of the UN Human Rights Commission at Geneva was bizarre and loaded with more gunpowder. The six – week long session came to an end on 23 April 2004 leaving both India and Pakistan badly mauled and bruised on Kashmir issue.......more...


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