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Volume 3, No. 6 - November 2003

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Defending the Terrorist State of Pakistan: Christina Rocca on US Capitol Hill
Editorial Team
On October 29th, the House International Relations Committee held a hearing on US policy on terrorism in South and South East Asia. Of the two panels invited, the first one consisted of three State Department officials, including assistant secretary of state for South Asia, Christina Rocca. The hearing started with long opening statements from most of the committee members, including a fiery one by pro-Pakistan Republican from Indiana, Dan Burton. All the Democrats, and most Republicans on the committee, however, questioned
Pakistan's commitment to the war on terror.....More...

Recognise Jihad, Deal With It  
Editorial Team
As America continues to sink into the jihadi morass in Iraq, it is now a moot question whether the Bush administration underestimated the power and appeal of Islamist terror before plunging into what Senator John McCain has frankly dubbed ‘Vietnam II.’ The will to resist oppression and occupation is present in every society and nation, but the tactics and methods of resistance vary. The Dalai Lama never waged a sustained guerrilla war against China for Tibetan freedom and Mahatma Gandhi did not call for bloody insurrection to drive out the British. However, with the notable exception of Badshah Khan in Pashtunistan, no Islamic leader in history has led peaceful and democratic movements for change.....More...

Reaching the Roots of Terrorism
K. N. Pandita
For last two years the US is actively engaged in combating Islamic terror. Big and small powers in the European, Asian and African continents are also activated against terrorism. Muslim leaders and governments are unhappy to call it Islamic terrorism. They argue Islam is a religion of peace and that Islamic faith is not the cause of terrorism. There are some takers of this theory, some at personal and others on official level, whether out of exigency of situation or by conviction.....More...

Another Swing of the Pendulum
Ajai Sahni
India's policy on Jammu & Kashmir (J&K), on terrorism, and on the principal sponsor of terrorism in South Asia - Pakistan - has often been criticized for its inconsistencies. Over the past years, however, an increasing consistency has been evident - though perhaps not in any particularly constructive sense: the consistency of a pendulum, swinging with insistent regularity from one extreme to the other.....More...

Kashmiri Hindus and Imams
Lalit Koul

In recent weeks, we have once again seen some chattering by local Jammu & Kashmir
politicians, National politicians and Islamic terrorists about the return of Kashmiri Hindus to Kashmir valley. Let it be known to one and all that Kashmiri Hindus will surely return to their sacred homeland and will return on their own terms. Neither Mufti Sayeed nor Yaseen Malik will dictate when and how Kashmiri Hindus can return to their cherished homes and hearths.....More...

On Idol Worshipping
Vinod Kumar

According to reports, on Diwali day two young white men intruded into a Ram temple in Ealing Road, London, and shook the idol of Ram, breaking an arm and the bow when a number of women had congregated there for satsangh.  (The Hindustan Times,  October 26, 2003) One of the men snatched the mike and allegedly shouted there was only one God, the Jesus Christ, and they (the gathering) were stupid to worship a stone....More...

J&K: The Writing on the Barrel of the Gun
Praveen Swami
In November 2002, just after Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed took office, two grenades went off outside his home on the outskirts of Srinagar. The grenades were not intended to kill, but to forcefully remind the new Chief Minister of the need to honour his party's promises of dialogue with Islamist groups and a scaling back of offensive counter-terrorism operations.....More...

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