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Volume 3, No. 4 - September 2003

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Two Years and Counting - No Closure
Editorial Team
Two books have recently been released, "Why America Slept" by Gerald Posner and "Who Killed Daniel Pearl" by Bernard-Henri Levy. Anyone who believes the "war on terror" is going in the right direction, and that the tens of billions being spent by the war's leader, America, are being wisely spent, would do well to pick up these two books and read them cover to cover. These books, and many other pieces of the terrorism puzzle that are yet to be stitched together, bring two nagging questions come to mind. Has sufficient effort really been made to determine who were all the actors and what were all the funding sources behind and attached to 9/11? And are the forces that acted as enablers for Bin Laden and his henchmen being sufficiently neutralized to make sure that they do not enable another 9/11?....More...

Where Angels Fear to Tread
Sreeram Chaulia

The August 19 terrorist attack against the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad has reopened old wounds and dilemmas in the international humanitarian community. By its sheer scale of devastation and brutality - more than 20 killed, including UN special representative to Iraq, Sergio Vieira de Mello - it was the biggest single atrocity committed against humanitarians and the culmination of a decade-long trend of worsening insecurity for field personnel working in relief and rehabilitation operations......More...

Hizbul Mujahideen and the Pandits
Pt. Kashi Nath Pandita
In a statement appearing recently in national newspapers, militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen says that it will allow the Kashmiri Pandits to return to their homes in the valley if they join the anti-India separatist movement and fight against the Indian troops side by side with the Hizbul cadres.
We may remind our readers that following the gunning down of BOP leader Tikalal Taploo on September 14, 1989 by the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front gunmen in front of his house in Srinagar, this writer published a letter in The Kashmir Times asking the JKLF leadership to spell out its policy towards the Pandit minority of Kashmir.....

J&K: The Hurriyat Splits
Kanchan Lakshman
Internal fissures within All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC), the main overground secessionist syndicate in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K), culminated in a formal split on September 7, 2003, with at least 12 of its 25 constituents 'removing' Chairman Maulana Mohammad Abbas Ansari and 'replacing' him with Massarat Alam as its interim chief. A five-member committee has been formed to review the Hurriyat's constitution and suggest amendments to reverse what the dissenters perceive as 'autocratic' decisions taken by the executive committee.....More...

Dr. Ajay Chrungoo

The spate of 'Fidayeen' attacks on the Army in Jammu, terrorist assaults on pilgrims at Qazigund and Vaishno Devi (Katra), or the  Nadimarg massacre, should in the normal course, put to rest any doubts about the internal security scenario in the state. However, given the pattern of government responses to the 'War of Attrition' in the state, we may see the continuance of the attitude of self-deception through a blatant denial of reality. How many statements, coming from those at the helm in the Centre as well as the state, have we seen in recent days, which proclaimed the 'Return of Normality'?....More...

Learning from History
Francois Gautier

The massacre of six million Jews by Hitler and the persecution they suffered all over the world in the last 15 centuries has been meticulously recorded after 1945 and has been enshrined not only in history books, but also in Holocaust museums, the most famous of these being the one in Washington DC. It has not been done with a spirit of vengeance: Look at Israel and Germany today, they are in the best of terms; yet, facts are facts and contemporary Germany has come to terms with its terrible actions during Second World War.....More...

The Secularists and the Ayodhya Excavations Report
Dr. Koenraad Elst

In India, frequent political incidents pit Hindu nationalism, or even just plain Hinduism and plain nationalism, against so-called “secularism”.  But what passes for secularism in India is often the diametrical opposite of what goes by the same name in the West.  Recent incidents over the Ayodhya temple/mosque controversy confirm the disingenuous character of Indian secularism.

Two Wrongs Do Not Make a Right - Part II
Vinod Kumar

This month we are at the other common theme – Muslims of today are not responsible for the crime of their ancestors! I am willing to agree with it but before I do so let us look at it little more closely......More...

No Endgame in Sight
Ajai Sahni
Two years after the horror and the tragedy, the events of 9/11 appear distant, and the intensity and urgency of the 'war against terror' has been diluted by a complex of compromises, of selective or misdirected responses, and by a failure to consolidate the gains that have been secured at extraordinary cost in resources, courage and sacrifice. There have, over these two years, been many victories over terrorists; yet terrorism seems no closer to defeat.......More...

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