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Volume 3, No. 7 - December 2003

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A Prime Minister in Wonderland: The Peace Process and Its Perils
Praveen Swami
Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's peace initiative on Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) has passed through the mirror between the real world and into that strange place Lewis Carroll called Wonderland....More...

Time for a War Mutual Fund
Subodh Atal, Ph. D.
Americans should propose a new mutual fund that allows them to invest in ongoing and future wars that the nation will wage. Let us spread the wealth and capitalize on war and imperialism. Just don't ask if we are winning the war on terror....More...

Why democracy didn't take roots in Pakistan?
Vinod Kumar
Democracy did not fail in Pakistan because of illiteracy or castes or ethnic differences or linguistics or any of the other reasons put forward. The real reason why democracy failed in Pakistan is the ideology Pakistan is wedded to. Sadly, this is true of any Islamic country. Pakistan is not unique in this respect....More...

Kashmir Pandits : Problem Prospects And Future
Dr. Ajay Chrungoo
The tragedy which has befallen Kashmiri Pandits is not an aberration of the secessionist movement in the state. It constitutes the basic challenge to the Indian civilisation and the nation state in Jammu and Kashmir. For the Muslim secessionism to succeed, destruction of Kashmiri Pandits in Valley has been an imperative since Kashmiri Pandits represents both the civilisational and the political frontline of India in the Valley.....More...

B. Raman

It would be premature and unwise to treat the so-called cease-fire to which India and Pakistan have agreed and which went into effect on the midnight of November 25, 2003, as the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  One wished it were, but one should not have any illusions that it is....More...

A Conspiracy of Silence
Arindam Banerji
Our individual silence, on the other hand - yours and mine, also has a cost. Our government does not have to do anything, because we ourselves have never demanded any action. Today it is Savita Yadav, Nazia, Karam Veer, Rehana and the 5 school girls from Bandipora who’re paying for our silence. Tomorrow, it could be much closer to home....More...

On cease fire and the rest of it
K.N. Pandita
Strategies change with change in overall scenario. Knee jerks in New Delhi’s Kashmir policy have been observed at every stage. Possibly it stems from regular appraisal and re-appraisal of ground situation from time to time. It may also emanate from lack of coordination at various levels in the administration......More...


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