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Volume 3, No. 8 - January 2004

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Pakistan’s Proliferation Regime
Editorial Team

A series of startling revelations in the last few months have pinpointed Pakistan as the source for the nuclear programmes of North Korea, Iran and Libya. There are also unconfirmed reports of Saudi Arabia using Pakistani know-how and hardware to go nuclear in its turf war against Iran as the dominant Muslim power of the Middle East. It is a well-documented fact that Saudis are behind the financing of Pakistan’s nuclear ambitions and this latest expose can be viewed as a quid pro quo between two longstanding allies and jihad bedfellows. Pakistan is also much quoted as the supplier of Weapons of Mass Destruction to terrorist non-state actors such as Al Qaeda.

While the routine approach of the Pakistan government to these linkages being made public is to allege an ‘Indian hand’, the weight of evidence produced recently is so overwhelming that Islamabad has been forced to accept that “individual scientists” may have been involved in proliferating nuclear technology. What is ironic is that simultaneously, Pakistan remonstrates that its nukes are under tight government control and that no rogue element or individual can compromise the safety of Pakistan’s unconventional weapons arsenal.

Albert Einstein was a remarkable scientist and a great human being because he foresaw the destructive potential of some scientific leads. If scientists are brought up in a milieu where the political and military outcomes of their inventions and discoveries are none of their concern, the world can be sure of approaching Armageddon. Conscience and science must go hand in hand to prevent the destruction of humankind. Pakistan’s scientists, if the government’s mea culpas are to be accepted, seem to have imbibed no values except fanaticism and jihad mentality. Knowledge in the hands of Islamist bigots with government connivance can be a very very dangerous thing. George W Bush’s repeated attempts to give clearance chits that Pakistan’s nukes are “secure” and linking it to India’s nuclear safety are making matters worse for the global nonproliferation regime.

A global proliferation regime beyond sane proportions has begun and Pakistan sits on the throne of this shady network. Identifying the hub and promptly de-nuclearising Pakistan are the needs of the hour.

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