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Volume 2, No. 8 - January 2003

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Tensions Have Eased
Editorial Team

White House spokesman Ari Fleischer proudly announced recently that India-Pakistan tensions had diminished, and President Bush and Secretary Powell had played a big part in this great achievement. Switch to reality in Jammu and Kashmir, and we find that there were quite a few Kashmiris for whom tensions definitely eased that same week. That's because they are all dead, there is no tension any longer. The four young women who were beheaded, they don't have to be tense about expressing their feminity by not wearing that stifling veil. The four little children who died as their father desperately tried to protect them from the barbarians who had barged in. The state legislator who had been elected just a few weeks ago, and was planning to implement Jammu and Kashmir CM Mufti Mohammed Sayeed's "healing" touch, was mowed down the same week; he no longer has any worries about how to heal the growing wounds. And the father and brother of a Hindu civilian, who were also beheaded for being related to a person denounced as an "Army informer": they don't need to worry about that knock in the middle of the night any more.

Thank you Mr. Fleischer, and, Mr. Bush, and Mr. Powell, for easing the tensions. Indeed, one by one, Kashmiris are being relieved of their tensions by Pakistani marauders, whether by losing their head, or being blown up or shot to death. And while we are in this appreciative mood, let's not forget the Indian government, which has effectively surrendered to Pakistani terror, and surrendered its national security policy to the United States. No amount of suicide bombings, temple attacks, mass killings of Hindus or any such acts will now distract Vajpayee and Advani. They don't want to host Richard Armitage and Colin Powell in New Delhi again to remind a country of 1 billion that it needs to ignore daily terrorist killings and sundering of the nation. Of course Vajpayee, whose birthday was celebrated lavishly last week while the killings continue, was the first to talk about diminished tensions when he said last May that the "skies are clear". BJP's claim of the Gujarat elections victory being a win against terrorism is another pointer to its cluelessness. As the party has shown over the past few years, it is far easier to win elections than it is to defeat Pakistani terrorism. Happy 2003 and let's resolve to reduce the tension levels even more!!!!!

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