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Volume 2, No. 1 - June 2002

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US “Intelligence” and the “Global Terror War”
Editorial Team

The recent revelations on the FBI not putting two and two together in the run up to the September 11 attacks should be shocking. But to many who have closely followed the American handling of Islamic terrorism in the several years before, such reports come as no shock........More...

Musharraf’s Speech: A Lurch To The Brink
Subodh Atal, Ph. D.

Every Indian as well as all concerned people in the rest of the civilized word awaited Gen. Musharraf’s May 27 speech with bated breath, much more so than his Jan. 12 speech. Even the most diehard nationalist Hindu perhaps hoped that the General would offer some compromise, something that the Indian leadership could take back to its people as a rationale for deescalating........More...

Walk the Talk
Lalit Koul

A two year old baby is lying in his bed and sipping milk from his bottle. His mother is telling him stories about his father, who is a soldier and has decided to give up his life for his country. She is telling him how brave his father is and how proud he is of his service to his nation.................................More...

Terrorism Update
By Subodh Atal
Kashmir Herald Staff Writer

While terrorist activities sponsored by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir continued during the month of May, one incident overshadowed all others. On May 14th, a small group of Pakistani terrorists boarded a bus and killed seven passengers when they got off near an army camp in Kaluchak near Jammu.....More...

Summits won’t help to solve Kashmir problem
Krishna Kannan, Ph.D

Another proposal for an Indo-Pakistan summit at Almaty, Central Asia, has been put forward to diffuse the tensions in South Asia. Now Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to mediate between India and Pakistan.  He is right about one thing: we are on the brink and therefore the situation can spiral out of control.....More...

Whose war is it anyway?
Sunanda Vashisht

We are probably going through what can be termed as the roughest week in the Indo Pak relations. With the War clouds hovering in the air and the war hysteria reaching its peak everybody is asking the same question ‘ What next’ Having fought three bitter wars already without any solution................More...

Profile of Terrorists and Terrorist Outfits Operating from Pakistan
Though these pages, Kashmir Herald will present profiles of various terrorist organizations and terrorists that are creating havoc in India. In this edition, we profile Jamiat-ul-Mujahideen (JUM) and Lashkar-e-Jabbar (LJ) - two terrorist organizations operating in Kashmir.

Click here to view profiles presented in this edition......


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