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Volume 2, No. 12 - May 2003

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War on Terrorism: Detour Through Bechtels and Halliburtons
Editorial Team

Earlier this week, President George W. Bush triumphantly landed on a US aircraft carrier, and declared victory in two of the battles against terrorism. Iraq was conquered, and Afghanistan was undergoing rigorous nation-building. We should all feel safe, because the President has just led the nation, and the world, to security a year and a half after 9-11.....More...

Surrender to Jehad
Subodh Atal, Ph. D.
The recent Srinagar climbdown by Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee is one of the most ignonimous defeats for kafirs (infidels) around the world at the hands of the Islamic ummah. While Pakistan continues to send murderers and barbarians to kill Indians every day in Jammu and Kashmir, Vajpayee has suddenly turned Indian policy on its head, contradicted his own senior ministers, and ignored the advice of his intelligence agencies which don't see any letup in Pakistani terror in the foreseeable future....More...

UN Relevance and US Unilateralism
Sreeram Chaulia
Three years ago, I heard a brilliant lecture by senior United Nations official Shashi Tharoor on the intricacies of US-UN relations. Tharoor was speaking in the historic Old Library of All Souls College, Oxford, bringing alive the somnolence of glass-painted classical architecture with a dazzling mixture of history and vision, foreboding and hope. The two intertwined hot topics of the time were outstanding dues owed by the US government to the UN (arrears then topping US$1 billion) and the blistering attack against the UN by right-wingers in the US Congress, led by Republican hawk Jesse Helms........More...

An Open Letter To American Friends
B. Raman
The US  has successfully overthrown President Saddam Hussein of Iraq. Before and during  the war, President George Bush repeatedly emphasised that this was not a war against Iraq and the Iraqi people, but against the dictatorial regime of Saddam for harbouring international terrorists, for acquiring weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and for destroying democracy and suppressing his people.......More...

J&K - Stumbling out of the Bind
K.P.S. Gill
There has been an enormous burst of activity and accompanying euphoria since India's Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee, visited Srinagar on April 18 and made an offer of renewed talks with Pakistan over the vexed Kashmir issue. The move has been greeted with a crescendo of international approval, and has drawn enthusiastic responses from the US as well, with Secretary of State Colin Powell declaring: "All this is very, very promising at a time when we were beginning to wonder whether or not we were not going back to the potential of conflict.".....More...

Did Babar love India?
Vinod Kumar

There is an extremely disturbing and alarming trend amongst the Indian intelligentsia to glean from history what suits their bias. Rather than accept the historical fact that the Muslim invasion of India has, by almost all accounts (including the historical writings of the invaders themselves), been the bloodiest in the history of the World, these "scholars" try to project a more "respectable" account of the Islamic invasion of India. Anyone who rejects this rosy picture of history is immediately dismissed as being a Hindutva freak. Thus, when even a respected journalist like Naipaul, dares to speak the truth, he is accused of succumbing to the Hindutva propaganda......More...

A Prime Minister with an Olive Branch
K.N. Pandita
Prime Minster Vajpayee’s recent visit to Kashmir has brought about a euphoric mixture of stale rhetoric, patent political claptrap, far-fetched poetic interpolations and contradiction of sorts. Little, it seems, did the PM know that the Kashmiri verses of Mahjoor that he quoted were the battle cry of Kashmiri nationalists in their fight against autocratic rule in the 1930s and 40s. To an ordinary Kashmiri these verses carry the same import today, although in a play staging different actors.....More...


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