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Volume 4, No. 5 - November 2004

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Musharraf’s Latest Antics
Editorial Board
Time will only tell what the REAL reasons behind Musharraf’s change of tone were. But based on historical facts, one should put very little credence to what Musharraf says and proposes. Musharraf has time and again promised drastic policy changes to counter global Islamic terrorism. But he has consistently broken every promise he has ever made....more...

Pelf Wars
Chanyaka Sen
Growth of identity-based conflict also focuses attention on cultural differences that some claim to be civilisational. Samuel Huntington, another American thinker who excels at grand global explanations for problems, says that cultural identity is shaking up the world more than any other phenomenon. According to his widely read The Clash of Civilisations the Remaking of World Order, the most important distinctions in the post-Cold War period are cultural, not political, economic or ideological. Ancestry, race, language, values and customs are the tools most humans are resorting to define themselves and attack others......more...

Fidayeen: The Chickens Come Home to Roost
Kanchan Lakshman
The current wave of suicide attacks, according to many Pakistani analysts, needs to be viewed within the context of Pakistan's alliance with the US and Al Qaeda's reach within that country. A cursory look at the pattern of Fidayeen attacks in Pakistan indicate that they possess several Al Qaeda traits, such as the use of a suicide bomber, the targeting of Western civilians, the absence of immediate claims of responsibility and the quantity of high explosives utilised. A scrutiny of the pattern also reveals that the targets have been varied: foreigners, Christians, Shias, prominent individuals within the current regime, including General Musharraf himself.....more...

J&K: Respecting Wishes of the People
Prof. K. N. Pandita
In a recent statement Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman said that any solution of Kashmir issue along the Line of Control (LoC) was unacceptable to Pakistan. He stressed that a solution should respect the wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The spokesman was reacting to the advice of MQM leader Altaf Hussain that the option of LoC as a solution of the dispute should be considered by both sides.......more...

Food for Thought
Ajai Sahni
President and General Pervez Musharraf has successfully engineered another media storm over a new set of 'proposals' for the 'resolution' of the 'Kashmir issue', which he offers, with a studied air of insouciance, as 'food for thought'. The remarks were made at a gathering of editors and senior journalists at an iftar dinner hosted for him and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz by Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and State Minister Anisa Zeb Tahirkheli on October 25, 2004, at Islamabad......more...

Central Asia: A New Field of Indo-Pak Rivalry

Prof. K. N. Pandita
With the incursion of Soviet Union into Afghanistan in 1979, India began re-thinking her policy towards Central Asia. Pakistan had emerged a crucial entity in the shipment of huge American armament to the Afghan mujahideen. Pakistan’s essential interest in extending full scale influence in Afghanistan was not only strategic but also economic. She wanted to begin extensive trade with Central Asia, in particular eyeing her enormous hydrocarbon reserves. Afghanistan was of great importance as it provided the only overland route.....more...

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