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Volume 1, No. 6 - November 2001

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Double Game - Evil is Evil
Editorial Team

Unstinted support. That is what Pakistan's Dictator/CEO/President General Pervez Musharraf promised to the US and its allies in the war against global terrorism. That was on September 13th when US Secretary of State Colin Powell made that 'You are with us or You are against us' call to Musharraf. Now let us see how much Musharraf has lived up to his promise.

In the initial days of war against terrorism, when US was pressing Taliban to hand over Osama bin Laden, Musharraf sent number of delegations to Afghanistan to impress upon Taliban to give up Osama bin Laden. Or is that what Musharraf led US to believe in?

The facts have been totally contrary to what Musharraf tells the US and its allies.

One of the Pakistani delegations to Afghanistan was led by its Islamic  clerics, who as per Musharraf, had gone to influence Mullah Omar to give up bin Laden. But the facts as published in various international media tell you a totally different story. It has come to the light now that those Islamic Clerics in fact were Taliban sympathizers and had gone their to show their support for their Taliban brothers.

Another delegation to Taliban was led by Pakistan's Intelligence Agency ISI's Ex-Chief Lt. Gen. Mahmud Ahmed. This visit too was projected by Musharraf as an attempt by Pakistan to impress the Taliban to hand over Osama bin Laden to US. But once again, the reality was different. By now it is an established fact that Lt. Gen. Ahmed was nothing but a Talibani-in-disguise. Was it a mere coincidence that Lt. Gen. Ahmed was in US on September 11? Was it a mere coincidence that Lt. Gen. Ahmed did not let Musharraf go to Kandhaar to see Mullah Omar? Was it a mere coincidence that when US bombed Mullah Omar's house, Mullah Omar escaped just half an hour before the bombing? Wasn't Lt. Gen. Ahmed the same person who was behind the wire-transfer of $100,000 from Pakistan to WTC hijacker Mohammed Atta?  This was the reason that Pakistan had to fire Lt. Gen. Mahmud Ahmed under US pressure. 

But does this firing of ISI Chief mean that Pervez Musharraf is being sincere in his support to US? We don't believe so. There is enough evidence in Musharraf's behavior during last six weeks that exposes his ulterior motives. Time and again, Pervez Musharraf and his administration have shown that Pakistan can not be trusted in this war against global terrorism. Why does Pakistan want the Taliban included in a future Afghan government? And why are military supplies still being sent by Pakistan to the Taliban? Why does the Pakistani leadership continue to insist on ending air strikes against the Taliban and why is it pressing for a "political solution"? What kind of a political solution can be possible with the likes of Al Qaida?

Another recent revelation has been the deep connections between Pakistan's top nuclear scientists and Al-Qaida terrorist network. So Osama was not joking when he mentioned that Pakistan's nuclear weapons are Islamic weapons and he has every right to use these weapons against all infidels.

Another recent fact published by all the major media outlets was that pro-Taliban activists have taken over an air-strip in Pakistan on Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and tens of thousands of Jehadis have gathered near the border, ready to fight along with the Taliban when US ground troops arrive. Does that give one a comfortable feeling? Does it indicate that Dictator/CEO/President Musharraf is in-charge and has everything under control?

We will not be surprised if tomorrow Osama bin Laden shows up in the house of one of Musharaf's lieutenant's in Pakistan. What would prevent somebody from assuming that Pakistan's ISI's ex-chief did not accompany Osama back to Pakistan when he returned back from his visit to Kandhaar? Has the Pentagon thought about that possibility? But knowing Pakistan's past-record and character, we strongly believe that it would not be outside the realm of possibilities.

The US might think that Musharraf is taking all the steps to clean up his administration but that is all smoke and mirror. All the steps Musharraf has taken are nothing but formalities to satisfy US and its allies. A number of experts have pointed out Pakistan's deep rooted relationships with Taliban and Al-Qaida. And it is evident that these relationships thrive today while Pakistan is called a "front-line ally" and US "experts" call for increased aid to that country.

The troublesome aspect in this double-game being played by Musharraf is that US and its allies are apparently not able to see through it. Instead the US administration and Congress is showering Pakistan with tons and tons of US  taxpayer money. Should the US taxpayer ask President Bush and Congress to explain why US is rewarding a country that has had close links to the WTC/Pentagon hijackers and continues support to the Taliban?

It is no wonder that the US is faltering in its   war on global terrorism. If the US administration is truly sincere in its war against 'Evil' then it can not be partnering with 'Evil' empires that have created and supported Taliban and Al-Qaida, and continue that support today. It can not partner with 'Evil' empires that have supported and are continuing to support terrorists in Kashmir where thousands of innocent Kashmiri Hindus were massacred and hundreds of thousands ethnically cleansed.

If the war has to be won, it has to be fought between 'Good' and 'Evil'. US can not and should not play game of semantics in defining 'Evil'. There are no two ways about it. There is no extremist 'evil' and moderate 'evil'. Evil is Evil. The US administration, particularly Secretary of State Powellhave to see through Musharraf's double game and call a spade a spade. Like Secretary of Defense Rumsfield, Secretary Powell should stop cozying up to Pervez Musharraf. He instead needs to fully implement President Bush's plan to wipe out terrorism from the face of this earth. And in that war, he can not partner with people who play double games and we all know who they are.

Let this be a true war between 'Good' and 'Evil'. Let this be the war in which Evil is totally wiped out so that this remains the first and the last war of 21st Century.

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