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Volume 3, No. 5 - October 2003

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Vajpayee's Headache
Dr. Subodh Atal
In a recent speech during his visit to South East Asia, Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee called Jammu and Kashmir a "headache". Now a headache is an annoyance that tends to debilitate an otherwise perfectly healthy human being, and can come back repeatedly to take away one's quality of life. Did Vajpayee understand the significance of what he was saying? Or was it a Freudian slip of the tongue that reveals his own state of mind? Let's look at Vajpayee’s dealings on Jammu and Kashmir since he was elected.....More...

The Taliban Rises - Again
Syed Saleem Shahzad
The Taliban movement has widely regrouped itself in Afghanistan, mostly along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border areas. The social, geographical and political characteristics of the whole of this tribal belt favor the Taliban fighters, and the Pakistani, US and Afghan authorities just cannot control the Taliban in this specific region.....More...

Hindu Money In India Co-opted for Islam
Vinod Kumar

The revelations in Sandhya Jain's article " Nationalization of the Hindu temple" (Pioneer, Oct 7, 2003) about using money from Hindu temples for Madarasas development and Haj subsidy (and churches development) are no doubt disturbing but are they a surprise? Not really. May be to a certain extent but is this a new phenomenon?...More...

The Culture of Anti-India Tirades
K.N. Pandita
Pakistani President’s anti-India invective in the UN General Assembly reflects the hate-India culture deeply and extensively embedded in the psyche of the Pakistani ruling class. I have had occasions of talking to many ordinary Pakistani citizens. To my surprise I found them equally influenced by the bad logic of hate India. This makes me doubt the rationale of such groups in India who are exuberant about people to people contact exercise....More...

Shah Wali-Ullah and Jihad
Vinod Kumar
A contemporary of Abdul Wahhab of Saudi Arabia, Shah Wali-Allah's influence on Muslim thought in India cannot be overemphasized. Shah Wali-ullah was a man of encyclopedic learning. He was not one of those scholars who keep different branches of knowledge in different chambers of their mind. Shah Wali-Ullah is regarded as one of the greatest Muslim thinkers of all times. This is just to emphasize what position Shah Wali-Ullah holds in Islam and what his views about Hindus and jihad were?....More...

J&K: Withering Roses - The Peace Process Melts Down
Praveen Swami

It is perhaps a sign of the extraordinary desperation that has gripped policy-making on Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) that the blossoming of every single rose is heralded as evidence that summer has arrived. The unremitting violence that has followed Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee's August visit to Srinagar has shown yet again that roses can be easily cut down, or can simply wither away in the relentless heat of the real world. Amidst the usual hand-wringing provoked by the violence, however, few have asked the real question that needs to be addressed: just why has peace-making proved so difficult a business in Jammu and Kashmir?...More...

The Gulf is in Serious Turmoil
K.N. Pandita
After the bizarre Anglo-American imperialist re-visitation of Iraq, the heat has been turned on Iran, the immediate western neighbour of Iraq. Iran has conceded that she has a nuclear programme but for peaceful means. It means that she is pursuing the programme of establishing nuclear power stations to produce electricity. The objection raised by the US is that Iran has sufficient hydrocarbon resources to meet her power requirements. Why then should Iran invest large amount in nuclear power production which is much more risky?....More...

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