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Volume 4, No. 4 - October 2004

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Bring it on!

Press reports coming out of the recent summit, between Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Pakistani dictator Pervez Musharraf seem to suggest that India has agreed to allow Pakistani citizens to cross over into
Indian Territory without valid visas and without stamping their passports. The only document that Pakistani citizens would now need to cross into India is a valid Pakistani passport.

That is a sure-fire recipe for bringing on more disaster for India and her security. Such concessions by the UPA government are bound to fail and result in more chaotic conditions for Indian citizenry. Letting Pakistanis cross over into Indian Territory without proper visas is akin to sending formal invitations to Islamic terrorists to visit India. This concession is going to make already porous border even more accessible for Islamic terrorists.

It would be worthwhile for UPA government to take a hard look at the infiltration data from recent months. Army officials have confirmed that the infiltration from Pakistani side of the border is still on and growing. Under these circumstances, allowing Pakistani citizens to visit India without proper visas is a perilous proposition.

Another pact that seems to be making noise is Pakistanís proposal to vacate Siachen glacier region if India takes the first step in withdrawing its forces from that region. One hopes that UPA government is not going to fall for such Pakistani promises and instead remembers the previous unilateral gestures that were reciprocated with Kargil incursions. One needs to remember that Pervez Musharraf is not known for keeping the promises. Thus it would be very precarious for India to lose the advantage in Siachen glacier region.

It is inconceivable to see how UPA government in New Delhi could come up with such proposals when they have professionals like Mr. J. N. Dixit in its National Security Council. There is no person better knowledgeable in Pakistanís deceitful games than the current National Security Advisor J. N. Dixit. During his tenures as Foreign Secretary and High Commissioner to Pakistan, Mr. Dixit has seen these Pakistani games first-hand. It would be in the best interests of Indian nation that UPA government does not follow such unilateral policy of concessions. Instead of giving away such concessions, Indian government would be better off focusing on the internal national security issues that have risen to intolerable proportions. Recent terrorist activities in Kashmir, North-East India and elsewhere need to be fully scrutinized so that the strategies to attack the root cause are developed. Treating the symptoms is not going to do any good.

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