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Volume 4, No. 4 - October 2004

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Bring it on!
Editorial Staff

Letting Pakistanis cross over into Indian Territory without proper visas is akin to sending formal invitations to Islamic terrorists to visit India. This concession is going to make already porous border even more accessible for Islamic terrorists.....more...

Power Point

From Alexander to Changez Khan to George W Bush, the exercise of absolute power has begotten senseless violence and destruction. Lord Acton, the British noble, has rightly remarked, “all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Power, be it political, economic or social, is intimately associated with concepts like domination, control, subjugation, authority and status.....more...

The A. Q. Khan Network and Justice
Dr. Subodh Atal
The only two entities in the world who claim that the Pakistani regime was blissfully unaware of the network are: a) the Pakistani regime itself, and b) the Bush administration. Both blame AQ Khan as a greedy nuclear scientist who did it for riches......more...

Summitry in New York
G. Parthasarathy
What were the prevailing domestic and international factors influencing Musharraf when he met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on September 24? Domestically, he was finding a lack of adequate support for his plans to continue as Army Chief beyond December 31. While he could quite easily stage another bogus 'referendum' and announce that he had secured public support for his plans, this route could further expose his lack of democratic and constitutional legitimacy......more...

The Forgotten Ones

They still exist because they are part of their families. They still exist because they are in the hearts and minds of their loved ones. They still exist because they never left the ones they cherished. Their bodies left but their souls, their memories, their messages, their convictions, their beliefs, their values, their commitments are still with their friends and family......more...

Common Sense and Political Will
Prof. K.N. Pandita

Creation of Pakistan with East Punjab as its mainland threw up the Punjabi feudal-cum-military segment of her civil society as the prospective monopolist of political and economic power. The segment provided handle to the imperialists and capitalists to manipulate their policy in the subcontinent.....more...

An Open Letter to Syed Ali Shah Geelani
Kamal Hak

Now that Yasin Mallik has openly accused you of exploiting Islam, I feel vindicated. I along with lakhs of my fellow Kashmiri Pandits have always held that view. All the displaced Kashmiri Pandits hold the exploiters of Islam responsible for the loss of their moorings. I believe no religion including Islam will permit the barbaric persecution of a minority......more...

Why ‘Homeland’ for KPs?
Dr. M. L. Pandit

Is there any possibility of reversing the longest exodus of KP’s? ‘ Homeland’, broadly encompassing a single but viable and secure zone of resettlement, is the only feasible option on account of a variety of compelling realities. This opportunity too may be lost if the ‘homeland’ option does not become a reality within next five years or so....more...

Radical Islam in Central Asia
Prof. K. N. Pandita

The difference between political Islam and secular Islam is that while the former may or may not be secular the latter is always non-secular in content. Political Islam has short term as well as long term agenda. Its short term agenda is non-confrontational and non-provocative. Its long term agenda is the logical outcome of sustained projection of Islamic values and political system....more...

Indian Census and Muslim population growth
Vinod Kumar
The Muslim population growth in India at one and half times the rate of Hindu population growth rate is no "revelation" and given the Hindu mindset and priorities neither is the decline in the rate of growth of Hindu population. The broad outlines have been there for centuries for anyone to see, if only one was willing to face the reality....more...


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