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Volume 1, No. 7 - December 2001

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Kashmir News Network Condemns the Barbaric, Dastardly and Cowardly Act of Islamic Terrorists Attack on Indian Parliament - its Symbol of Democracy.

Victims of Islamic Terrorism - Do you even know who they are?
Editorial Team

Since September 11, 2001, world media and politicians have talked a lot about Islamic Terrorism and its latest victims in the United States. Much has been written about Afghanis who have suffered at the hands of Taliban and its previous rulers. Every major media outlet has a correspondent in Afghanistan covering the atrocities inflicted upon local innocent Afghanis...........

Kashmir Terrorism Update
Subodh Atal

As the Afghanistan campaign winds down, one can not forget that the prime theater of terrorism in the world continues to be Jammu and Kashmir. And it is not Iraq, North Korea or other nations mentioned as candidates for a "second phase" of President Bush's anti-terror war, but Pakistan, which is sponsoring this terrorist operation that kills far more people every month than anywhere else in the world. Despite these ground realities, Pakistan has been propped up as a 'front-line ally' in the anti-terror war, while it continues to train and send terrorists to kill civilians, policemen, politicians and others in the Indian state.

A new section - the Kashmir Terrorism Update - is being started with this month's issue of the Kashmir Herald. This section will provide comprehensive news and analysis regarding the continuing battle of India against Pakistan's sponsorship of terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

Afghanistan: Looking Beyond the End Game
Subodh Atal, Lalit Koul

As the end game appears closer in the campaign in Afghanistan, and the noose around the Taliban and Al Qaida leadership tightens, it is time to look ahead. It will be tempting for the international anti-terror coalition to rest on its laurels once Mullah Omar, Bin Laden, and Al Zawahiri have been captured or neutralized. While the US has talked about a “second phase” of the anti-terror campaign, it is unlikely to go after the deepest roots of Islamic terror in Pakistan. On the contrary, a second “phase” is likely to include attacks on..........

Bush-Musharraf Conversation on Kunduz Evacuation
Kashmir News Network Exclusive

Gen. Musharraf: President Bush, good morning, sorry to call you at this late time, but I need to ask you a big favor.
Pres. Bush:
Go ahead, General. Colin Powell says you guys have been such great allies in my global anti-terror war. I will certainly consider any favor for you.

Strategic Depth, Strategic Assets and the Changing Dynamics of Pakistan’s Kashmir Game Plan
Sreeram Sundar Chaulia

Even as the South Asian press and visual media have pounced in tabloid fashion upon Pervez Musharraf’s rhetorical tirades and caveats against India that “we are not a chhota mota (banana republic) country” and “we are not wearing chudiyan (bangles)”, and Indian repartees on chudiyan being a sign of the strength of Indian women and how a chudiyon-waali (bangle wearer-Indira Gandhi) had sundered Pakistan into pieces in 1971, the more interesting and pertinent comments of Musharraf........

The General and the Kafir
R.N. Prasher 

The whole world seems to be caught in this trap. When confronted with a modern-day problem, they open an ancient book for the answers. Whether you venerate a cross, a star, an idol or a cube of stone, whether you turn to the east or the west for turning towards him who is said to be everywhere, you cannot escape the irrationality of faith. There is only one outcome of this irrationality. It has divided mankind into them and us......

Civilizational War
Dr. M.K. Teng

The sudden and surprise attack which ripped through the World Trade Center and tore down the part of the complex of buildings of the Pentagon in the United States, evidently administered a rude shock. American administration, had for more than three decades used the Muslims as their allies in the Cold War. The history of the evolution of pan-Islamic fundamentalism and the Islamic revolution.........

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