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Volume 3, No. 8 - January 2004

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Pakistan’s Proliferation Regime
Editorial Team

Conscience and science must go hand in hand to prevent the destruction of humankind. Pakistan’s scientists, if the government’s mea culpas are to be accepted, seem to have imbibed no values except fanaticism and jihad mentality. Knowledge in the hands of Islamist bigots with government connivance can be a very very dangerous thing. George W Bush’s repeated attempts to give clearance chits that Pakistan’s nukes are “secure” and linking it to India’s nuclear safety are making matters worse for the global nonproliferation regime.....more...

Neocons and the Indian Subcontinent: Flunking The History Course
Subodh Atal, Ph. D.

The Bush administration has turned logic on its head, deceived itself, the entire nation and significant parts of the world, in sending billions in aid to Pakistan even though it created the Taliban (and still supports it), harbored many more Al Qaeda than it gave up, and proliferated nuclear weapons technology to all the worst declared enemies of the US. This at the same time that the haggard Saddam, who was hated by Bin Laden, and whose military might was already decimated, was attacked and forced to "disarm".....more...

What is Jihad?
Vinod Kumar

Jihad has been going on in the world ever since Islam was born in the seventh century but its latest manifestation has been, among other places, most notably in Palestine, Chechnya, and Kashmir. Even, in February 1998, when World Islamic Front issued a fatwa and a call for Jihad to “every Muslim who believes in Allah and wishes to be rewarded to comply with Allah's order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it”, it did not arouse much interest in the general public. It took direct assault on 9/11 on the fundamental symbols of what America stands for that it created some curiosity. Today, Jihad is, no doubt, one of the most discussed terms in America, if not the world....more...

SAARC, Sub-Continent and the US
K. N. Pandita
The SAARC summit is in progress. There are loud voices of Islamabad summit being a great success. Foreign Ministers of India and Pakistan, after their meeting prior to the summit have labeled it a great success. But the atmosphere that prevails in Islamabad is one focusing on Indo-Pak relations overshadowing the presence and the role of the rest of SAARC countries......more...

Another Peace Gambit
K. P. S. Gill
It is not history that 'shackles' India and Pakistan to violence in Kashmir, but ideology: the unrelenting ideology of extremist Islam that underlies the creation and existence of Pakistan - expressed in the two-nation theory that holds that Muslims and non-Muslims cannot coexist within the same political order - and that fuels the jehad factories that continue to feed the supply lines of terror across much of the world. This ideology, and no other legal or historical entitlement, is the basis of Pakistan's 'claim' on Kashmir; this again, is why the violence does not end.....More...

Kashmir: Pakistan Explores a Political End-Game
Praveen Swami
For years, Pakistan hasn't needed a political end-game on Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Its state-run jihad, most military and intelligence analysts in Pakistan assumed, would eventually wear India down and force it to make significant territorial concessions. Now, however, Pakistan has been pushed into reining back the jihad on which its entire strategy in J&K was founded......more...

Walking the Knife-Edge
Ajai Sahni

Speaking on national television after the second assassination attempt, Musharraf spoke harshly about the "cowardly people who attack while hiding", and declared that "terrorists and extremists" opposed to the global war against terrorism might have plotted the attacks, adding further that he would not be cowed down by such actions. It would appear that the lines between the Pakistani state and the Islamist extremist forces that have long been its protégés would finally harden into a clear antagonism......more...

Hindus need to understand Islam
Vinod Kumar

Today, there are basically two religious thoughts in the world. Two basic religious ideologies, traditions or whatever one might like to call them -- Indic and Semitic. Indic is evident from its very name. Semitic means originating in what is today known as Middle East. There have been other traditions in the past but since most of them are today extinct for all practical purposes, for whatever reason, they no longer are of any interest in the modern politico-religious discussion or scenario. And specially to India and Hindus. Starting from the Vedic philosophy, Sanatan dharma, Buddhism, Jainism, Shaivism, Vaishnavism, Sikhism and myriad of others are expressions of the Indic traditions.....More...

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